Established since 1989, Emperol Colours Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as an eminent supplier and applicator of water based P.U. Structural and Wall coating and seamless resin flooring.

Our products have been specializing in designed resin flooring application to the sectors like automotive, food and manufacturing.

Emperol's team of sales and marketing work in complete coordination with clients and species to understand their prevailing demands and produce ideal resin flooring installation, selected from the vast product spectrum offered by us.

To suit all emerging requirements of clients from commercial decorative finishes to heavy duty industrial systems, Emperol offers a complete and competitive service of flooring installation.

Also, the Wall finishing systems which are ideal for use hygiene conscious premises like Pharmaceutical and food processing industries and Hospitals are amongst the prime solutions offered by Emperol.

Emperol offers special aggressive solutions in form of Protective Coatings for protection of concrete and steel that are intended to provide extended maintenance intervals, durability for life span and improved performance.

Emperol Colours Pvt. Ltd., since 2011, introduced ways to market our products better and applications as Protective Coatings and a specialist in Clean-room projects.

Emperol Colours Pvt. Ltd. is proud to launch our current and latest brochure to present reliable and cost effective application services.